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You are unique, and no one is average

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

In 1952, the U.S. Air Force had very good pilots and very good aircraft, but they did not have very good flight results. After many studies, they found that the reason was that each pilot was different in shape, but the cabin size was designed in an average size. The pilot may not be able to operate various buttons and switches freely at critical moment, and the flight effectiveness is therefore not as good as expected. The way to solve this problem is to ask the manufacturer to design the cabin not according to an average body shape. In the beginning, the manufacturers refused to do so, they use all kinds of excuses to avoid it. But the Air Force insisted their ideas, in the end the manufacturers agreed to re-manufacture the cabin seat. And it turned out the cost is not as expensive as expected, even then invented an adjustable cabin chair, which now you can see everywhere in the car or in the plane.

Although we can't sit in a fighter jet worth hundreds of millions of dollars, however, each of us sits in the desks and chairs on the campus, receiving education in the same way.

This example emphasizes that the average and equal division method is not applicable to education. Everyone's body curve and learning curve are different. The tallest height does not mean you are the heaviest, and the slowest learner does not mean you are the dumbest. However, our education is taught under such an equality method. We use average scores to see a person's performance, we use average progress to determine the progress of the course, and we use average physical fitness to regulate the effectiveness of sports.

By now, we can understand that as a parent or a teacher, we need to understand each person’s strengths and weaknesses, try to use different teaching methods or teaching situations to find out the characteristics of each person, instead of rushing denying students also allows students to deny themselves. Because there is more than one way to learn, and there is also more than one path in life. The point is whether you are enjoying learning and enjoying life.

This concept applies to many laws in our lives. Take yoga as an example. We often see people use asanas to determine a person’s yoga performance. However, yoga is a journey because each of us has different body structures. The wealth of the body that each accumulated in the past is different (you may sit more or you may jog more), and the way of using the body is also different.

The alignment and guidance are general rules, but it is not a universal rule. Therefore, learning yoga is to learn to know yourself, to know your body, to recognize your strengths or weaknesses, to try to find your own learning methods and learning situations, because each of us is unique, and there is more than one way to the journey of yoga, the journey of life.

This world does not need more people who can carry their feet behind their heads or bend their bodies to amazing shapes. What it needs is people who understand themselves better, are happier to live in the moment, and would be able to help others!

If we can understand that each of us is unique, only through constant practices and constant failures, then to stand up again, we can have the opportunity to know ourselves better and understand what kind of state of mind we should adopt during this journey.

Because you are unique, and no one is average!