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Yin Yoga practice for letting go your fear

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Emotions are mental stimuli that influence our everyday lives. Under normal circumstances, they are not a cause of an illness but if they go ‘wrong’ they’re considered as one of the major internal causes of disease in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Yes, we are talking about how your emotions can influence your health and most of the time, our fears are learned and they are always aimed at the future, the thing which is not yet happening or not sure if it will ever happen.

If you look at a one year old baby, when they start learning how to walk, they constantly fall or even hit their head or bump into something. Many times as an adult, we are very often warning them what they cannot touch or where they cannot go. However, nothing can stop them, they fall and they stand up again. There is no such thing called “fear” in their mind. Indeed it is our responsibility to inform them about the danger, and create a relative safety environment at home for them. However, communicating with them in fear will only discourage them or create their subconscious mind when they are still very young. Due to this stage, we are their subconscious. Our emotions will become theirs, and they are like a sponge learning all the emotions unconsciously.

That’s why we have to know that there is a difference between danger and fear - “danger is reality, fear is emotion.”

The example above may also imply to adult's life, do we understand the danger and following the right procedure to prevent the danger? Or we are guiding our every day with the emotion - fear (or more than fear) ? It is a question worth exploring inward.

Yin Yoga for letting go your fear

So when we talk about fear, the first step is to observe, where does it come from? Let’s check in with our body first, is it from your stomach? or from your heart? or your head? Then let’s check in with your breath? How’s your breath right now? Then ask yourself why I am fear about “this” - no matter what “this” represente for!

Mindfulness checking is always very important for yin yoga practice. Especially we need to hold the pose for 2-5 mins. There is no better time or better way to observe and explore inward.

Today I would like to share a few Yin yoga poses to let go of your fear, however, it doesn’t mean your fear will disappear immediately. It means you are trying to understand and face this fear instead of avoiding it. Once we have a better understanding, we would have a chance to conquer it.