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Why do you need to practice Yin Yoga? And how can our Qi influence our health?

The two sides of the Tai Chi symbol are divided by a wavy line. This symbolizes movement: the two sides are constantly interacting with one another. The friction that is created by their interaction is called qi. Qi is one thing and everything. It is life-animating energy or vibration. It is what everything is made of and how everything functions, and it takes many forms.

In Sankhya philosophy, the qi is called prana.

Prana is not just form, it is not just function, it is not just vitality, and it is not just the communicator between cells and individual minds and bodies. It is all of the above.

All things are made of prana, even inanimate objects like dead bodies, but when prana circulates in its vital form, then a being is alive. This vital prana is said to travel along specific pathways in the body called nadis. In Chinese medicine, nadis are called “channels” or “meridians.” Whether meridian or nadi, along these pathways there are intersection points, known as “acupoints” in Chinese medicine or marmani in Ayurveda.