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The patter of your life is "Tao"

Patterns define our lives. Look around you right now and you will notice the patterns surrounding you.

Look up; you will see things that are high. Look down; you will see things that are low. Listen; you will hear things closed by, and you will hear things far away.

All patterns are formed by contrasts. The pattern on a chessboard is formed by the contrast of dark and light. The pattern of your life, when reflected upon, has displayed a contrast of good times and bad. For Taoism, harmony and health are created when conditions arise where the contrasting aspects are in balance.

When two equally weighted objects are placed upon the scales, there is a slight swaying motion, like a pendulum. If one side is too heavy, the scales tip and balance is lost. When both sides are equal, there is still a slight oscillation around the middle position. This rebalancing is the return to wholeness and health.

The ancient Chinese called this middle that we return to the Tao. The Tao is the tranquility found in the center of all events, and the path leading to the center. The center is always there, even if we are not always there to enjoy it. When we leave the center, we take on aspects of yin or yang.

When we practicing yin yoga, we applied a lot of Taoism concept, but the truth is, not only yin yoga, everything in our life is "Tao". It is just whether we are able to notice it, observe it, and respond upon it.

In my 20hrs Traditional Chinese Medicine Yin Yoga Teacher Training, I will address more the Taoism & Yin Yoga. You may refer below icon to read more information and book your spot for October.

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