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The Five Elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Greeks developed a model of the universe that posited 4 elements underlying all physical existence: earth, fire, water and air. Taoists also saw 5 base elements; however, they noted a couple of key differences. The 5 elements in their model are earth, fire, water, metal and wood. They developed this model from the patterns of the universe easily observable to anyone who watches.

Each element begets another. This birthing cycle is very natural. Rain (water) causes plants (wood) to grow. These plants and trees are scorched in summer and feed the flames when fire comes. From the fire, the plants turn to ash, which becomes earth. Within the earth are formed metal ores. Mentals, when cold, cause water to condense, forming the rain that begins the creative cycle all over gain. Each element not only nourishes; it also controls an element and in turn is controlled - thuse, we also have a controlling cycle.

The dragonfly pose targeted many different meridians, one of them is liver meridian. The Liver has many physiological functions, and a prime one is to regulate the amount of Blood in circulation While the Heart may govern the flow of Blood, the Liver stores and releases it. Because of this, Liver Qi is important for the vitality of all parts of the body.

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