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TCM immunity nutrition guide- everyone should eat garlic

Garlic is a carminative herb. Carminative herbs help with stagnant digestion, which can include bloating, painful stuck gas, a sensation of food sitting heavy in your stomach, and constipation.

Garlic also contains inulin, an important prebiotic which can help with digestive issues.

Garlic produces a constituent called allicin. When you eat garlic, your body metabolizes the allicin into several other compounds, and the only way to fully metabolize and eliminate them is through your bloodstream, which releases them through your sweat and through the lungs.

And garlic isn’t something that simply kills other organisms; it also stimulates your immune system.

Both garlic’s heating and pungent aromatic properties break up mucus in the body. This makes garlic perfect for cold and flu symptoms that include feelings of coldness and for symptoms of congestion in the sinuses and lungs.

Because garlic is so extreme energetically (it’s really hot!), it can readily cause unwanted effects in people who already have signs of heat or dryness. It can lead to nausea, digestive upset, heartburn, or even vomiting when consumed in excess. However, cooking garlic can alleviate these effects.

Try to mix garlic with butter, garlic with butter and salt, or garlic with honey and you can put them on your bread. Garlic with honey you can drink it with tea to help with your lungs and flu too. Let me know if it helps. :)

Reference: Alchemy of Herbs

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