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Practice heart meridian through yoga & Traditional Chinese Medicine

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Last Saturday we explored and deepen our practice for our heart meridians. Here are more information if you would like to understand what we have discussed inside the class.

What is heart meridian?

“The Heart is the sovereign of all the organs and represents the consciousness of one’s being. It is responsible for intelligence, wisdom and spiritual transformation.”
-Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine, written 4,700 years ago.

The Heart Meridian starts from the heart, and divides into three branches. One goes towards the small intestine. The second runs upwards along the throat towards the eyes, and the third branch emerges under the arm and runs along the inner side of the forearm, elbow, upper arm and armpits. It then crosses the inner side of the wrist and palm and ends at the inside tip of the little finger, where it connects with the Small Intestine Meridian.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), all meridians are interconnected. That’s why you can notice from our little finger it is connected with both heart & small intestine meridians. In TCM, the heart rules the blood and the pulse. Without sufficient nourishment, an individual may feel thirsty and have a dry throat. Pain in the inner side of the forearm and heat in the palm may also indicate problems in this meridian.

Why activate your heart meridian?

By activating your heart meridian, you stimulate the heart channel which increases flow of heat, blood, and energy to heal the heart and other body organs.

The Heart dominates sleep. If the Heart is strong, a person will fall asleep easily and sleep soundly. If the Heart is weak, the person’s mind will “float”, causing an inability to fall asleep, disturbed sleep, or excessive dreaming.

Heart’s Worst Enemies Distraction, Unclear direction, Non-nourishing upbringing, Lack of love in environment, Phlegm in upper torso, Stasis or stagnation, Spicy foods, Sugars.

Heart’s Best Friends: Meditation, Self reflection, Simple diet, Recalling dreams, Journalling emotions, Nourishing environment, Gentle Qigong, Connection to one’s destiny, Balance between all organs and emotions, Good friends.