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Nurturing Liver meridians to face the new beginning

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Wood is the quality of growth. It is like a germinating seed sprouting. It is the anticipant pregnant mother and the growing fetus. It is the energy of the plant breaking through the earth toward the sun. It is the dawn of a new day and is related to the process of awakening. Wood is strong and flexible; it stretches and spreads and strives. It is also expansive and spacious. Think of the space in hollow bamboo or the porous wood of any tree. This relates to akasha (ether, space) in Ayurveda. There is air in the wood that pushes it or makes it move. This is why wood is also associated with vayu (air) in the Indian system. In the breath cycle it is associated with the beginning of the in-breath—initiating, opening, and reaching toward the top of the inhale, as the diaphragm descends to compress the liver.

The liver is associated with the wood element in Chinese medicine. It is responsible for the smooth flow of qi and blood, and in certain contexts, we know it can partially regenerate. It has a spreading function, and its energy tends to rise upward or across the body, like branches of a tree or a vine reaching up and out.

The liver is further associated with wind and the spring season. Spring is when everything is sprouting, emerging, birthing, and there is a sense of anticipation and newness in the air and a looking forward. These are all qualities of wood. In addition, the green color that spring denotes is associated with wood and the liver. Many people are drawn to liver cleanses in the spring and use spring herbs like dandelion to cleanse.

Yin Yoga Pose for Liver Meridians

There are many yin yoga pose can help to nurutre liver meridians. The one that demonstrate here is seated butterfly pose.