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Kids yoga workshop with International Trilingual School of Warsaw

I have been asked many times if kids can learn yoga? Practice mindfulness, pranayama or even meditate?

The answer is yes, a thousand of "yes"! All you need to do is to guide them with fun, interactive and interesting way to explore their mind and body.

I was honored to be invited to lead the kids workshop with International Trilingual School of Warsaw. There were 22 students, and we practiced fun and challenged yoga. Interact with groups, and learn how to observe and use our sense to explore the world around us. In the end, we even practiced pranayama and mediation.

The children were so focus, and they lay down themselves just to explore their ability to breath! When I asked them if we can control how other people's reaction toward to us, they all told me - "no". One even replied, the only thing we can control is ourselves!

Our children are full of potential. With those practice we did together, I see only how clam, confidence, and open minded they are. The last thing we did is to observe the clouds, by observing the clouds, we tapped into the present moment and this was one of the method I tried to them to meditate.

Here are some photos and videos we had during the event. If your school would like to have this kind of event, please contact me directly. I would love to share yoga with them.

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