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How to self-reflect?

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

How to reflect?

Many of us are so busy that we rarely take time to listen to what's going on inside of us. If we're always acting in an extroverted way, it creates a schism within. We lose touch with our deeper selves.

So how can we really listen and reflect our sensations or observation internally?

Here I am offering some important questions you may ask yourself from time to time and to use those questions as an assessment for your self-reflections.

1. What habit I would like to change or break?

2. Who I am grateful for today?

3. Wish yourself and bless yourself for a good day.

Please sit comfortably with your eyes close and spine straight. Asking yourself those 3 questions today. It takes only 5-10 mins to reflect and meditate. And you are always welcome to share your thoughts with me privately. :)

(Remember that if you have feelings of depression or anxiety, it’s always best to speak with someone or asking for helps. )

You could also join my Yin Yoga practice every Wednesday Central Europe time 8-9PM to learn how to listen to yourself and have self-reflection. Here is the fee and details: