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How I use yin yoga, pranayama and mediation to heal myself during COVID

Lately I got Covid-19, I felt terrible and can’t teach at all. I lied in bed for 1.5 week with headache, muscle pains, coughing and fatigue. Worst of all, I was allergic to all the medication and in the end I had to give up taking pills. The moment I decided not to take any pills, I started my own yin yoga practice, pranayama, immunity meditation and healing meditation. As I meditated, my headache stopped and I felt no pain. That’s the moment I knew, meditation can help me with my own immunity and nerve system. I plan to share my self-practice mediation on my website in the future. Once it is ready, I will share it with you guys immediately.

I also practiced pranayama to enhance my lung capacity and bring more oxygen into our body. When we are weak, we tend to forget we can heal our body through pranayama. Once I started my breath work, I immediately felt better. We all have our self-healing ability, and it is a gift, all we need to do is activate it via yoga, pranayama and meditation.

In my website, I have listed TCM for lungs and liver. Inside those free download files, I listed the acupuncture points, nutritions and yin yoga poses, and I exactly used those content to help myself to heal and I hope it can benefit you too.