Do you enjoy being alone?

If you want to walk alone it is very easy, if you take someone with you, it takes a lot of effort.

It is a sunny day today. After my morning teaching, I decided to have a spontaneous bike trip alone. I planned my route and the restaurant that I liked to explore. During the trip, I stop and watch the tree, observe the bees, and smell the flowers. I sit on a bench in the park, watching the people and enjoying the shadow with breezy winds. How wonderful it is! What a great moment! I felt content, calm and joyful at the same time.

I sit alone in the restaurant and enjoyed my lunch. I took the camera and captured everything I saw. I enjoyed being alone and this is something that never happened to me in the past.

When Gautama Buddha was asked this question, is it better to walk alone on the path or with a companion. He said,

it is better to walk alone than to walk with a fool.

Because they can drain you. Maybe they are stronger than you and they may take you their way than you taking them your way. Sadhguru said, it doesn’t matter how you walk, as far as your spiritual process is concerned, any way you are alone. Nobody is with you. Is only the process and the materials that you can share with someone, you always come alone and go alone, isn’t it?