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Activate your gift - Coherent breathing pranayama to reduce your anxiety

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Everyday we breathe in and breathe out without giving it too much thought. It is so natural, so unconscious and we couldn’t think of any reason why breathing is so important. We were breathing the moment we were born. After so many years, you might feel odd why someone has to teach me how to breathe!

Gain control of your life

I often share in my class that there are a lot of things in this world that we cannot control. However, the thing that we can take control of is our breath. This is the power and the gifts that everyone has been offered when we came to this world, and often we just forget or do not even realize that this is our gift.

photo from snappa

The breathing (inhale & exhale) is the concept of a life force and it was found in many ancient cultures. In India, it is called Prana; in Japan, Ki and in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi. They all believed the breath is the life force and the ultimate measurement of one’s vitality. Please observe yourself, when you are sad or tired, how’s your breath? When you are happy or excited, how’s your breath?

A strong life force makes a human being totally alive, alert and present. Conversely, a weak force results in sluggishness, fatigue, and can even lead to illness.