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5 Yin Yoga pose for your Stomach

The Stomach is paired with the Spleen, the Stomach receives and digests food. It also stores food and water. If Stomach chi is weak, food stagnates and all manner of digestive problems arise, such as flatulence and Indigestion.

The Stomach meridian is home to many important points related to digestion.

“The Stomach and Spleen are like warehouses where one stores all the food and essences. They digest, absorb, and extract the food and nutrients.” – Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine

In the process of digestion, the Stomach is responsible for moving the food along the digestive tract, which is a downward motion. The Spleen is the other organ of digestion in Chinese Medicine. The Spleen is responsible for absorbing nutrients and moving them upward to nourish the heart, lungs, and brain.

Here I share 5 yin yoga pose for Stomach meridians. Please stay 2mins for each pose. It takes just 10 mins everyday to take good care of yourself. However, please avoid it after you just finished your meal. Hopefully you would feel changes and benefits in times.

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