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Mindfulness Online Yin Yoga Workshop

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3.5 Hours

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Mindfulness Online Yin Yoga Workshop



Lisa is a certified yoga & pilates instructor. Her practice include Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Pilates, pranayama and meditation. She likes to incorporate yin & yang element into her lesson.

About the course

The course include 50 pages slides, and 120mins video for deepen your practice (include pranayama, mediation and yin yoga asanas). If you are interested in learning this workshop, please write an email to me. I will send the payment method to you. Once I receive the payment, all details information will be sent via your email.

Part 1: 90mins of Yin concept and the benefit of Yin Yoga.

What is Yin Yoga? The concept of Yin & Yang.
What is mindfulness? How it can help us with everyday life?
Introducing 12 major meridians of our body.
What is Qi and how we can help with the Qi through yoga practice and mindfulness and be able to gain self-compassion and self-healing energy

Part 2: 80mins of Mindfulness Yin Yoga practice (including pranayama, meditation and yin yoga asanas)

Part 3: 40 mins of online Yin Yoga video that you can follow along and practice anytime anywhere.

[Who is suitable for practicing yin yoga?]

1. People who practice a lot of yang exercises, such as weightlifting, Ashtanga yoga, yoga flow, joggers, HIIT workout or dancers.
2. People who is already practicing restorative yoga.
3. People who is always in rush and there is no time to slow down or take care of their inner self.
4. People is suffering from chronic pain, insomnia and would like to grow self-healing energy, self-compassion and inner-peace.
5. People who would like to reduce their everyday stress and anxiety.
6. People who would like to gain flexibility and balance their body and mind.

[What you will learn?]

1. How to observe your body and your mind
2. How to surrender to the present moment
3. A take home pranayama practice to gain self-healing energy
4. How to address yin and yang with our everyday life
5. A 20-30mins yin yoga sequence from today’s workshop so you can practice at home too.

Please write an email to inform you would like to join the class and we will offer you the payment method. Once the payment is confirmed, the materials will be sent to your email.

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